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ADHD Justice Support Center » Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Mission: To raise awareness of ADHD in the United States correctional and justice systems  and develop national policy for the recognition, evidence based diagnosis and treatment of youth and adult offenders challenged by ADHD in United States correction facilities and in the justice system.


  1. Educate justice/correctional health professionals about the developmental disability, ADHD and other learning disorders, and how this disability affects behavior.
  2. Advocate with major national correction organizations for policy changes for the diagnosis, treatment/rehabilitation and accommodations for offenders who are in custody and those who are at risk of arrest and/or adjudication.
  3. Review research and best practice guidelines available on juvenile and adult ADHD treatment in pre-trial, correctional settings and in reentry.
  4. Initiate pilot study of adjudicated adults who are diagnosed with ADHD and who receive a specific short term program of coaching/cognitive behavior therapy and medication.
  5. Encourage and publish/disseminate research with criminal justice,  psychology, health service, and public health and public administration academic centers on the impact of ADHD on those with duel or multiple psychiatric and health diagnosis.
  6. Develop national policy with key organizations utilizing data collected by the committee.

*The Work Group initially addressed issues related to those with ADHD who were adjudicated or in custody and as of 2012 have broadened our mission to those with ADHD at risk of being or in the justice system.