SFI: “Diamonds”

March 4, 2015 in Blog, Stories From Inside by Robin Stramp

Hello, ADHD Community!

Today, we would like to share a special “Stories from Inside” entry with you. This entry was written back in the fall while the author was participating in our group ADHD coaching sessions, but we are publishing it now to coincide with his release from prison. Please join us in celebrating this participant’s release, and hoping that he has found tools, skills, and support in our coaching sessions that will help him make different choices in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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“Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do whatever to get it, and it seems that when your finally asking for help, nothing seems to work your way. It’s like you’ve been a let down or made a mistake more than once you’re a liability to some people. It’s like, there just asking how long will you last this time. But you can’t give up, refuse to walk around with your head down and accept failure as your trophy for success. I’ve been hurt more than happy living a certain way so what ever it takes to get rid of that feeling I will do. Now that I finally got your eye it’s time that you see what a true diamond shines like when you bring it from it’s rough natural resource and it goes through the reforming process, it becomes a bright, unbreakable, gift to someones life that remains firm in structure while symbolizing success.”


We hope that this engrossing entry prompts you to think about how you perceive  individuals around you. You may think you are surrounded by rough carbon, but how long has it been since you looked closely at that carbon? Is it possible that it has been transformed into a “bright, unbreakable” diamond while you weren’t looking? All too often, both individuals with ADHD and individuals who have been incarcerated are pigeonholed into labeled boxes. We owe it to both those we are pigeonholing and to ourselves to periodically reconsider our perspectives. That diamond deserves to be recognized for the hard work he or she has put into the transformation process, and you never know what diamond you might have been writing off as a “rough natural resource.”

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