Stories from Inside: Part 5

February 10, 2014 in Corrections, Pilot Project, Stories From Inside by Kyle Dopfel

We asked participants of the ADHD Corrections Project to share their stories of how ADHD has impacted their lives, and how this might relate to their experience with the criminal justice system. The resulting journal entries, written towards the close of their eight-week group coaching session, were remarkably thoughtful, hopeful, and compelling. While each inmate’s story is unique, we can also recognize in them some of the unfortunate experiences that are all too common among those with ADHD. With the permission of our anonymous authors, we’d now like to share with you these powerful first-person perspectives on the relationship between ADHD and the criminal justice system.

SFI5“When I was in school I was disruptive, even though I got good grades I was always in trouble for acting out. When I got older I started to self-medicate starting with pot then moving on to harder drugs. I always dismissed any symptoms of ADHD as being cause by my drug addiction. In the long run my drug addiction brought me to prison, which I believe was an indirect cause of my ADHD.” 

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