Judicial Round Table (Wilmington, DE)

November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized by Kyle Dopfel

The Judicial Roundtable was developed by ADDA= and its partner in the ADHD Corrections project, the Delaware Center for Justice, in order to begin the discussion with the judiciary of Delaware concerning the impact of ADHD on the judicial system.

The initial goal was to host an educational invitation only conference where specific challenges of ADHD are discussed with the judiciary and national legal and ADHD experts.

The program was attended by over thirty attendees consisting of a mixture of judiciary professionals, ADDA and DCJ staff and five probation and parole officers including the chief probation officer for Delaware. The moderator was Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden; welcome was by Joanna Champney the current Associate Director of the Delaware Center for Justice, and the speakers were Judge David Admire; Robert Tudisco, Esq.; and Stephanie Sarkis, PhD. Caitlyn Jackson, the LVC coordinator for the ADDA/DCJ Corrections Project provided a brief description of the project and its outcomes to date.



A Welcome from the Delaware Center for Justice

Opening Remarks
The Honorable Judge Jurden

“A New Approach for the Criminal Justice System”
The Honorable Judge David Admire

“When ADHD Goes Bad: Strategies to Reduce Recidivism in the Juvenile/Criminal Justice Systems”
Robert Tudisco, Esquire

“You Don’t Grow Out of it: ADHD Across the Lifespan”
Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, PhD

Overview of the ADHD Corrections Project
Caitlyn Jackson


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